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Aaliyah – Rock The Boat

Yazar: "EnS1"

boy you know you make me float

boy you really get me high

i feel like i’m on dope

cause you send me a wrecking ball

boy you gotta stroke

before driting me deepwer

you’re there now hold me close

boy let’s take this overboard now


i want to (rock the boat)

rock the boat(2x)

(work in the middle)

work the middle(4x)

(change positions for me)

change positions,do positions

(now stroke it baby)

stroke it for me(4x)

oooah baby i love your stroke

cause you,cause you get me

to were i’m going

in a jury you’ll get me vote

cause i believe,i believe you know

just what you doing now

plan your weekend coast

lets do it in a hurry

that’s to slow

go ahead

and put that thing in overdrive

[Nakarat] (2x)


i need you to use yourself

like you never ever used before

to explore my body

until you reach the shore

you’llbe calling,calling for me

[Nakarat] (3x)

(rock the boat)

rock the boat(4x)

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